Yin-Yang Bracelet



There is a divine order, balance, and symmetry in life. In this, we can rest and find joy, happiness, and a true sense of bliss – because no matter how it feels, everything is as it should be. This NEW Yin-Yang Bracelet is the perfect reminder of this wisdom. This stunning bracelet features an intricately carved pewter focal in a high-vibrational yin-yang design.

Yin and yang, yinyang, or yin-yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of yin and yang and formed into objects and lives.

Each design element on this bracelet brings its own unique properties. The yin-yang symbol reminds us there is sacred harmony and balance throughout the universe. This sacred symbol reflects our desire to nurture, protect, belong, and connect with our roots. It’s also our mysterious nature, and some call it the home of our heart and soul. This pewter and leather bracelet has an affinity for magic, which makes it a favorite tool for creating all things magical, both in ancient times and today. Adorn yourself with this bracelet to find comfort in the universe’s divine order.

The sacred symbolism of the yin yang is a powerful calling for the peace that comes from balanced energies. There is an ever-present duality of forces alive in and around us. Light meets dark. Masculine meets feminine. Creation meets destruction. The contrasting forces around us are embodied in the sacred harmony of the yin-yang. It’s a perfect balance, honoring the blessings of both.

Wear this Yin-Yang Bracelet during meditation, healing rituals, or as you go about your daily practices. However you choose to work with this piece, may it serve as a reminder that everything is as it’s meant to be, in perfect balance and harmony.

This listing is for one (1) Adjustable Length Leather and Pewter Yin-Yang Bracelet. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled and ready to enjoy.

Why we love this: We love the energy that this bracelet brings to our everyday lives...as a reminder to find balance in all things. And so it is.