It all began with my dream
living closer to nature...

It was 2006 when I decided to leave behind the city life on the Front Range. I felt trapped in the suburbia and my soul was longing for something else. Something that no city in the whole world could give me. 

Nature, Silence, Fresh Air. 

I wanted to feel connected to the earth and to the changing seasons. To come back to my roots and to where I belong. So off I went.

In 2006 I moved to several acres of land in Black Forest, Colorado on the tranquil Kettle Creek; surrounded by nature and the ponderosa pine trees and The Colorado Rocky Mountains.

For generations my family had lived in the forests of Latvia in Eastern Europe. So it was like coming home to the woods!

I could write a whole book about the first years here, but to make a long story short, it was the most amazing and challenging time in my life. From the first second I knew I was in the right place.

I was inspired!  And the creative side of me suddenly bloomed out and I knew what I wanted to do in life.   

Today we continue to sell the Handmade, Homespun products but have expanded into so much more. We source our own organic materials and make our own products, and have been given the opportunity to distribute fairly traded goods as well. We want to be the voice for not just our own products but for others. We support smaller shops and individuals by sharing the platform we've created over the years to help grow their business.

To show our respect to Mother Nature for giving us these beautiful gifts, we're always striving to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.  Most of our products are natural resources coming straight from the Earth.