Yellow Crazy Lace Tumbled Stone




Believed to have formed in the cretaceous period roughly 65 to 90 million years ago, crazy lace agate is a banded chalcedony or microcrystalline quartz mineral infused with iron and aluminum. It’s a unique stone in that it’s often brightly colored and filled with ornate, intricate patterns. The most common colors associated with the stone are browns, greys, black and golds. Occasionally, pinks and reds are also found swirled together to create a truly eye-catching red gemstone.

This wildly decorated crazy lace agate is predominantly found in northern parts of Mexico. Crazy lace agate is a stone of happiness. In fact, in several parts of the world, it’s actually referred to by two other names: The Laughter Stone’ or “Happy Lace”.

These stones are sold in 1LB increments and available in sizes medium measuring approximately 3/4" and Large measuring approximately 1".

Why we love these:  These beautifully colored stones are reminiscent of sun sets, the desert, and warmth; perfect for the pop of color you're looking to add to your collection!