Tourmalated Quartz Tumble Stone




Tourmalated Quartz or Tourmalined Quartz  is a clear quartz which has crystals of black tourmaline running through it. Quartz is the best-known piezoelectric gem--it can carry an electrical charge when exposed to an applied voltage, in response to pressure or in response to mechanical stressors. Quartz is also a pyroelectric gem--able to generate an electric charge through rapid states of temperature change. These are the scientific qualities behind reliable and accurate quartz movements in watches. The same properties mean it is ideal for use in microphones, speakers, filters and sonar.

This product is sold in 1 LB increments and available in two sizes; Medium measuring approximately 3/4" and Large measuring approximately 1".

We also sell individual stones.

Why we love these:  We love the unique patterning and coloring of these stones!