Sodalite Tumbled Stone




The first notable reference to sodalite was in 1806 during the Napoleonic war.  The stone was identified when a large quantity was sent from Greenland to Denmark. During the journey it caught the attention of the British who had it examined by Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson.  He subsequently named the mineral sodalite.  The meaning of the name relates to its high sodium content. Sodalite remained relatively unknown until 1891 when huge deposits were discovered in Bancroft Ontario.  In 1893 several stones from this region went on display at The World's Columbian Expedition in Chicago.

Sodalite tumbled stone is available in two sizes: Medium and Large and are sold in 1 lb bags. Medium stones are approx. 3/4″. Large stones are approx. 1″.

Why we love these: With some of the deepest blues we've yet to see in any other specimen, these stones are meant to astonish with their vivid coloring!