Shamanic Dream Stone




These A-Grade Shamanic Dream Stones are polished and luminous. Each of these stones are cut from a natural crystal which carries inside it a variety of different minerals. Having a highly polished, domed lens to bring out the natural beauty of the tiny mineral inclusions within.

For centuries these luminous stones have been prized by indigenous Shaman leaders for ceremonial purposes and for the energy exuded by these stones.  These Dream Stones evoke a sense of spiritual wellness and well being. 

Shamans have used these Dream Stones throughout history to enable them to journey into the other worlds, to bring about visionary or healing experiences and to guide them during sleep.

Shamanic Dreamstones are also great visualization and manifestation tools. They can take our vibrations higher, which enables us to connect & communicate with the Spirit world and enhances our psychic gifts. We can use them for past life recall, hypnosis or any healing modality that takes us into the Beta brainwave state, such as meditation and other spiritual practices.

Approximate sizes are listed below. 

X-Small: from approx. 1″
Small: from approx. 1.5″
Medium: from approx. 2″
Large: from approx. 3″

Why we love these:  These stones are luminous and radiate light due to their brilliance and semi-virtual transparency.