Selenite Moon Charging Plate



Call on the tranquil, radiant magic of Luna with this Selenite Moon Charging Plate! Selenite is a soft gypsum gem that forms as water evaporates in clay beds and hot springs. This stone clears energy and radiates peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power and beauty. Carved into a crescent moon, selenite becomes all the more powerful. When you call the magic of Luna into your sacred space, you bring forth healing, compassion, emotional understanding, and intuition. Add this charging plate to your collection to channel the Moon’s soothing and illuminating energy whenever you’re in need.

The Greeks named selenite after the moon goddess Selene, who awakens intuition and brings psychic visions and vivid dreams. Selenite does the same.

  • Opens the Crown Chakra — your center of faith and Source connection.
  • Holds a vibration of ceremony and wisdom. Brings clarity, joy, and radiant, pure, and positive vibrations to your space.
  • Holds the energy of the Moon — especially the full moon phase. Encourages divine connection and peace.
  • Helps with insomnia and brings restful sleep.
  • Magnifies wealth and influence.

Selenite is fragile but it is quite strong, which makes it similar to us as spiritual beings, tender and yet strong in our own ways.

Place your favorite gems, jewelry, and other magical tools on this Selenite Moon Charging Plate to infuse them with purifying, uplifting energy. Keep this carving on your altar to fill your space with its radiant vibration. However you choose to work with this offering, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Selenite Moon Charging Plate.  Yours will arrive lovingly parceled and ready for enjoyment!

Why we love this:   We love using these translucent moons outdoors on our patio illuminated at night using candles or string lights.