Selenite Gemstone Mushroom




These fun Selenite Gemstone Mushrooms are one of our most popular items this Spring!!  Use these charming mushrooms in your garden outside or indoors on tables and shelves to create a unique and natural display! 

These adorable mushrooms feel right at home inside of a terrarium surrounded by moss or in any flower pot arrangement. They are just as much fun to work with as they are to look at!

We offer these mushrooms in two color combinations: White Selenite Stem with White Selenite Cap and White Selenite Stem with Orange Selenite Cap.   

The ancient Greeks named Selenite after the Moon goddess, Selene, due to its luminous & translucent glow.  They believed that it imbued her with energy, holding the power to awaken intuition and vivid dreams. 

This listing is for one (1) Selenite Stone Mushroom (about 3"-4” tall). We offer these gemstone mushrooms in two colors: White Stem with White Cap or White Stem with Orange Cap.  Please select the color combination that calls to you from the drop down menu.  Yours will arrive lovingly parceled and ready for enjoyment!

Why we love this:  We love creating unique Glass Mushroom Terrarium Jars with these Gemstone Mushrooms inside clear glass jars with moss, wood chips, crystals, flowers, and other natural objects!  The possibilities are endless....