Sea Glass + Sea Shell Mala Necklace




This Handmade Hawaiian Mala Necklace is very unique and one-of-a-kind.  Mala beads and necklaces can be used in prayer and meditation, similar to a rosary, and can be used with mantra meditation.  This Hawaiian Mala is a reminder to help you to remain focused. It does this by being a tactile reminder for relaxation, prayer & meditation.

Each Hawaiian Sea Shell Focal is accented with an 8mm glass pearl and was sourced in the Hawaiian Islands.  The earthy, Guru Stone is handmade kiln fired porcelain and is a base on which the Hawaiian Shell Focal dangles.

This Mala is offered in two varieties: The traditional continuous Mala measures approximately 40" in length, contains 108 glass beads.  The Mala Necklace is 30 inches and is finished with a silver lobster claw closure.

The 8mm round beads in this Mala are a combination recycled sea glass drilled beads with a silver lobster clasp closure.   Each earthy Guru Focal Bead is lovingly made by hand using kiln-fired porcelain.  

Why we love this:  We love the contrast of colors found in the unique sea glass and the genuine Hawaiian Sea Shell focal is a conversation piece.