Rudraksha Mala Bracelet




This Rudraksha Mala Bracelet was lovingly created by hand using semi-precious gemstones and an organic Rudraksha focal bead.  Each beautiful bracelet is unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Our Rudraksha is sourced on the remote island of Kauai, Hawaii where the ONLY Rudraksha Forest in the Americas is located. 

This handmade bracelet is available in 10 types of gemstones:  Amethyst, Picture Jasper, Jade, White Moonstone, African Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Blue Sodalite, Tiger Eye, Picasso Jasper and Mookaite.

The most frequent question we get about this bracelet is, what are Rudraksha made of?

When they are ripe, rudraksha stones are covered by an inedible blue outer fruit so they are sometimes called "blueberry beads". The rudraksha stones are produced by several species of large, evergreen, broad-leaved tree in the genus Elaeocarpus.

 Rudraksha is a seed bead traditionally used for prayer and meditation.The seeds are primarily used in India and Nepal as beads for organic jewelry and malas, and are valued similarly to semi-precious stones. Various meanings are attributed to beads with different numbers of faces or mukhi and are highly prized and valuable in Himalayan culture.

Benefits and Power of Rudraksha Seeds

According to ancient scripture, Rudraksha seeds have many spiritual and healing properties. They offer protection, help guard against negative energy, and inspire good fortune. They calm the mind and bless with wearer with peace and prosperity. According to some, Rudraksha seeds create a safe “cocoon” of the wearer’s energy, which is especially helpful for those who frequently travel. Rudraksha seeds are also said to have special electromagnetic and vibrational energies

This bracelet is stretchy and one-size-fits-all.  Also, we will be adding more gemstone varieties so please check back for more varieties soon.

Why we love this:  We love that we were able to visit the Rudraksha Forest in Kauai personally to watch the process of how this sacred bead is formed from seed to finished product.