Rainbow Fluorite Slab



These gorgeous Rainbow Fluorite Slabs are polished to perfection!!

Fulfill your life purpose with this Natural Rainbow Fluorite from True Nature! Rainbow is the rarest color of fluorite, and it’s absolutely beautiful – like holding the entire ocean in your hand. Rainbow fluorite is a soul pathing stone that is said to help you find and understand your purpose. It helps you stay on track when feeling lost or changing direction, enhances and develops your natural talents, and shows you where to go, how to proceed, and where to seek guidance. Rainbow fluorite also activates the Throat Chakra so you can stand in your truth and communicate your wisdom. This gem also helps you see the past and future. Work with this gem to help guide you on your life path and to reach your highest purpose.

Rainbow Fluorite is said to open your psychic channels, and helps you see the past and future. Rainbow Fluorite is a stone of Divine Flow, which means it gets you back on track and into a state of grace, manifestation, acceptance, and peace. Think of the way an ocean moves. It flows free and wild, surging with a natural tide, allowing and not resisting. In spirit, we need to move like the ocean.

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, belonging to the halide minerals. It crystalizes in isometric cubic habit, although octahedral and more complicated forms are not uncommon. On the Mohs scale of hardness, fluorite is a 4. Variations in color typically make it a colorful stone with ornamental use.

Meditate with this Natural Rainbow Fluorite, keep it on your altar or anywhere in your space, or add it to your crystal grids so you can express your truth or dharma. You can also have your stone wire wrapped to wear as crystal jewelry. However you choose to work with yours, may it be an ally on your path.

This listing is for one (1) Natural Rainbow Fluorite Slab approximately .5" thick. They are translucent with any combinations of green, white, and/or purple. I have two sizes to offer you: Small (about 1-1.5”) and Large (about 3″). Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

Why We Love This:

Fluorite is a great stone to carry around in your pocket to truly focus on the world around you! We love using Rainbow Fluorite with our self-care routine, such as; meditation, journaling or intention setting. They can be used with home decor displays indoors or outdoors!