Tumbled Rainbow Fluorite




Fluorite is the ultimate chill pill; one that ushers you right into peaceful relaxation. Let it guide you from a state of anxiety to one of tranquility by cleansing your mind, body and spirit. Working with it neutralizes negative energy and inspires mental clarity, peace and harmony. All the Fluorite stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Tumbled stones are pieces of rock and different minerals that have been tumbled to produce smooth rounded and highly polished stones. The process begins by placing rough stones of a similar size into a rock tumbler. The barrel is then filled with water, sand, coarse grit and various polishing agents to create a smooth surface on the polished gemstone.

Tumbled stones can be used in many ways - lucky stones, vase filler, decorations, ground cover, accents in potted plants, game markers, making jewelry and much more..

Our Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone is a medium sized polished tumbled stone that measures approximately 1/2″ in size and is sold in 1 LB bags or as 1 Gemstone.

Why we love these:  Fluorite Glows With UV Light! Yes, the gemstone is known to be a dazzling colorful mineral visible in light and ultraviolet light.