Quartz Point Keychain



These Clear Quartz Point Keychains are a great addition to your pocket and are fun to show off to your friends and family! Each quartz crystal point is unique and offers a great source of energy to carry around with you!

Clear Quartz Points are said to bring clarity to the mind, helping you focus and become clear on your dreams and desires. They assist with spiritual development and removing energy blockages that occur in the body. Clear Quartz connects to every chakra, purifying and re-energizing your chakras so that your mind, core, and base are all working in harmony at the highest potential. When you are working with other crystals and their meanings, try adding Clear Quartz Points into your combination; it will amplify the energies and magnify your intention.

Get crystal clear with the help of Clear Quartz. If you're facing a tough decision or fork in the road, work with the stone to illuminate and understand your true path. Its chakra-cleansing powers are also helpful in aligning your head with your heart, allowing you to move forward with full confidence in any situation.

Carry this Clear Quartz Point Keychain to call heart healing, openness, and optimism into your love life and beyond. However you choose to work with this offering, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Clear Quartz Point Keychain (about 1-2”). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled

Why we love this: We love using Clear Quartz with our self-care routine, such as; meditation, journaling or intention setting. They can be used to hold your keys as a good luck charm!