Gemstone Skull



These NEW Gemstone Skulls are polished to perfection!

Do you have all your tools needed for the upcoming season? This beautiful Gemstone Skull is perfect for your altar. Work with this Gemstone Skull to find your soul path and channel powerful ancient messages.

Metaphysically speaking, skulls are powerful vessels of consciousness – they anchor our spirit into our body to amplify our physical connection to the human life we’re presently living. When we acknowledge physical space and time, we can align with our soul’s purpose and the karma we carry in this specific lifetime. That’s what manifestation is all about. Crystal skulls help us reconnect with the past to create a better future.

It is said that each gemstone skull comes with a spirit guide connected to it that will lead you on your path – show you where to go, what to do, and how to do it. Work with this offering during shadow work or anytime you need a reminder that wisdom is everywhere – within and without – and it’s always available to you in plentiful supply.

Hold this Gemstone Skull in meditation, or place it on your altar to send its guiding energy throughout your space. However you choose to work with this piece, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Gemstone Skull (about 1”).

These hand-carved, polished stone skulls are one of our most popular new items.

Select your favorites from our drop-down menu! Available in 11 gemstone types:

Cherry Quartz-Poppy Jasper-Opalite-Rose Quartz


Amethyst-Quartz-Moss Agate

Why we love these: We hold onto crystal skulls because they’re companions to us – they hold our secrets and carry our wisdom. Even after we transition from this life, skulls are said to hold and channel the knowledge they obtain from us and can transfer that information to others. These gemstone skulls are expertly carved and the perfect size for a creative gift!