Exquisite Pink Amethyst Collection




These beautiful selections of rare pink amethyst are expertly hand-crafted into points, or the shape of a cloud. Freeform, more naturally shaped pink amethyst is also available in the same sizes of small, medium, and large. 

What makes pink amethyst so very special – aside from its beautiful splendor – is that it’s a fairly recent discovery in the world of crystals and gemstones. It was discovered very recently in Patagonia, Argentina, and draws its pink coloring from the inclusions of Hematite within the structure of its crystal.

Gemologists and scientists have spent a great deal of time examining this uniquely colored pink gemstone. In doing so, they’ve managed to establish that pink amethyst is much closer to amethyst than any other major mineral form, including rose quartz.

Why we love these: The selection of shapes allows for multiple possibilities when decorating!