Black Obsidian Double Terminated Point





These Black Obsidian Double Terminated Points, the perfect fusion of natural beauty and metaphysical potency. These captivating crystals, crafted from high-quality obsidian, are designed to amplify and direct energy flow while providing a sense of balance and focus. Ideal for meditation, energy work, or as a unique addition to your crystal collection, the Black Obsidian Double Terminated Points are both visually stunning and energetically powerful.

Easily channel and expand energy with this Double Terminated Black Obsidian Amplification Wand. This piece was carved with stone sourced from India, and it’s a powerful tool for sealing and magnifying any intention.

Black Obsidian Double Terminated Points are highly regarded for their metaphysical properties. Obsidian is known as a stone of truth, helping to reveal hidden talents, promote emotional healing, and encourage the release of limiting beliefs and old patterns. By incorporating these double terminated points into your spiritual practice, you can tap into their transformative energy and unlock your full potential.

When carved into a double-terminated wand, Black Obsidian becomes a powerful companion during meditation, ritual, or healing work. Double-terminated wands have points on both ends, making them perfect for sending and receiving energy in any direction. Work with this wand to magnify and channel energies of abundance, light, prosperity, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify.

Wands are used for opening and closing a circle during ritual and are a powerful way to send energy from you to Source and from Source to you. Double-terminated wands are extraordinary channeling tools, perfect for sending and receiving energy. You can work with them to channel energy to and from another person, Source, Mother Earth, your ancestors, and on and on.

To work with this Double Terminated Black Obsidian Amplification Wand, visualize it filling with the energy you wish to send or receive. Hold your intention in your mind and imagine your wand sending the frequency to you, throughout your space, or wherever it needs to go. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Double Terminated Black Obsidian Amplification Wand. I have two sizes to offer you: Small (about 1-2”) and Large (about 2-3”). Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu.

Why We Love This:

These Black Obsidian Double Terminated Points are not only powerful spiritual tools but also captivating pieces of natural art. Display them in your home or office to add an element of mystique and allure to your space, or gift them to friends and family as a symbol of protection and personal growth.