Amethyst Cluster on Metal Stand



These stunning Amethyst are polished in their natural state and displayed on a durable black metal stand. Wherever you choose to put this unique, one-of-a-kind Amethyst Crystal on display it will be the center of attention!!

Amethyst has long been associated with spirituality and the Crown Chakra. Amethyst’s purple hue comes from natural gamma rays deep within the Earth interacting with its iron inclusions. The richness of this color varies depending on how much iron is within it.

Amethyst is said to help you fall and stay asleep and enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies.

Amethyst is said to promote balance, unity, peace, purification, detoxification, and spiritual evolution.
It comes from the ancient Greek word ‘amethystos,’ which means ‘not drunk.’
Etched gemstones hold ancient wisdom. They’re also healing, deepen meditation, and encourage personal growth. Etched stones help create and maintain physical and energetic boundaries around you and shield your sacred space from unwanted energies.

Use this Natural Amethyst in meditation to connect with Source and open your spirit to celestial guidance and protection.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is one of our most popular gemstone materials. Amethyst forms in long, prismatic crystals in geodes or hallow rocks. These geodes form when there are cavities in volcanic rock. As the rock cools, the mineral-saturated water, gases and volcanic material distill and crystallize. When these crystals harden, they form amethyst. Although generally more of a deeper purple, the stone can also have a reddish-purple tinge, or a very pale purple tinge that fades into a lilac.

Why we love this: Amethyst crystals in this form are some of our best-selling gemstones and when displayed on a metal stand like this....the opportunities for where to display these are limitless!!