Amethyst Druzy Pendant Necklace



Let the sparkle of your Druzy Amethyst Necklace help you find your center when life throws you off. Through its grounding energy, Amethyst Druzy brings stability and steadiness!

Druzy quartz has a shimmering appearance that reflects light — the result of small crystal clusters that have formed on the surface of another stone. Wearing gemstone jewelry is one of the best ways to activate and align your chakras. Your body absorbs the crystal medicine as you go about your day or night.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is one of our most popular gemstone materials. Amethyst forms in long, prismatic crystals in geodes or hallow rocks. These geodes form when there are cavities in volcanic rock. As the rock cools, the mineral-saturated water, gases and volcanic material distill and crystallize. When these crystals harden, they form amethyst. Although generally more of a deeper purple, the stone can also have a reddish-purple tinge, or a very pale purple tinge that fades into a lilac.

Adorn yourself with this Amethyst Druzy Pendant Necklace during meditation or before you leave the house to hear the voice of your heart guiding you toward emotional well being and happiness. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Amethyst Druzy Pendant Necklace. I have two colors of plating to offer you: Silver and Gold. These plated pendants come with an amethyst cluster, plated in either silver or gold. The crystal is approximately 1 inch by 0.5 inches in length. Each pendant comes with an 18-inch gold- or silver- plated chain. Please choose the metal plating that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled

Why We Love This:
These pendants are perfect gifts for friends! We love using Amethyst with our self-care routine, such as; meditation, journaling or intention setting.