Petrified Wood Specimen




Petrified wood typically results in a quartz chalcedony mineralization in perfect conditions. They need to be buried into an anaerobic environment to preserve its original structure and general appearance. Other conditions require mineral-rich water flowing through the wood to form its mineral deposits. This process can take less than a thousand years.

Price is corresponding to size. Extra Small is approximately 2L by 2W by 1H inches $34.00, Small is approximately 5L by 2W by 2H inches $40.00, Medium is approximately 7L by 5W by 2H inches $60.00, Large is approximately 5L by 5W by 4H $80.00, Extra Large is approximately 7L by 5.5W by 4H inches $140.00.

Why We Love This:
These petrified wood chunks are an incredibly unique pieces to add to any dark and moody interior decor, especially offices and bookshelves!