Artisan Peace Stone Necklace




Handmade Peace Stone Necklace - This necklace is made with smooth peace stones, Czech crystal spacer beads and an engraved silver toggle clasp. 30 inches long.

PEACE STONE (Tree agate) is also known as dendritic agate. Dendrites are crystal inclusions that develop in foliage or tree branch-like patterns. In tree agate, these dendrites create a beautiful green dappling effect on a white base. This beautiful green and white stone has long been seen as having a deep connection to nature and was therefore viewed as the stone of PEACE by many civilizations. The ancient Greeks associated tree agate with dryads and the stone was sometimes buried in agricultural fields to promote a plentiful harvest and peace.

The distinctive inclusions that resemble vegetation in dendritic agate are a result of the presence of manganese and iron oxides finding their way into cracks of white quartz as it forms. Tree agate has a hardness of 6-1/2 to 7 with a specific gravity of 2.59 to 2.67. This type of agate is frequently mistaken for moss agate, but these stones have different mineral traces creating the unique green branch-like patterns. Tree agate is most commonly found in Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay and the United States.

Proper Care of Tree Agate
Agates are generally tough stones, but the best cleaning method for tree agate is to simply use warm, soapy water and a soft brush. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals when cleaning agate gemstones. Be sure to thoroughly dry tree agate jewelry after cleaning to ensure there is no residual moisture that could cause adverse reactions such as rust in metal settings. Store tree agate jewelry inside a soft cloth or at least away from other stones so as not to run the risk of scratching this agate against a harder stone or of scratching a less hard stone.

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Just as a forest may bring calmness, so it’s said tree agate brings a sense of PEACE and inner tranquility to owners. This gemstone helps individuals look inside for self-examination, which also may result in a calm demeanor. Agate in general is said to be a stone that promotes inner peace, making tree agate an amplified version.