Orthoceras Fossil Formation



Orthoceras are a squid-like Marine Cephalopod over 354 million years old. These fossils were found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and have the fossils polished to show the detail of these lovely specimens. These Rare Orthoceras Fossil Slabs and Pillars are truly one of a kind display pieces!

This impressive Orthoceras Fossil Formation is perfect for any fossil enthusiast. Crafted from authentic orthoceras fossil remains, it is arranged within matrix. With this fossil, you can bring a piece of history home!

Authentically certified Orthoceras Fossils are an exceptionally rare find for the collector. Scientists suggest that only one in a thousand animal species have ever become fossils, and significantly fewer have been discovered. Invest in this captivating artifact today.

Genus: Orthoceratites, Orthoceras Regulare.
Age: Palaeozoic, Devonian, approximately 417,000,000 - 354,000,000 years.
Origin: Province of Er-rachidia, Northern Sahara, Morocco, North Africa.

Our Extra Large Orthoceras Fossil Plates are available in these sizes:

Small Slab approximately 12″ x 16″
Medium Slab approximately 12″ X 18″
Large Slab approximately 12″ x 21″
Extra Large Slab approximately 16"-17" x 20"-24"
Extra Large Orthoceras Pillar (Tubular Shape) about 29"- 31" x 7"-11"

Our acrylic stand is a perfect fit for these breath-taking fossil formations.

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Why we love this: This ancient fossil formation is a conversation piece wherever we put it on display! Our Orthoceras Fossils capture the adventures of this amazing creature, are unique to our collection, and will give your collection a special diversity and distinction