Arrowhead Gemstone Necklace




Handmade onyx arrowhead necklaces with adjustable organic lambskin leather cord.

1) Czech glass and jasper with antique brass approximately 7.5" to 11.25" fully extended

2) Cultured freshwater pearls; approximately 7.75" to 12.25" fully extended

3) Kiln-fired porcelain spacer beads and antique brass approximately 6.75" to 13.75" fully extended

4) Kiln-fired porcelain spacer beads and antique brass; approximately 6.5" to 12.5" fully extended

Pendant Height:
1) Approx. 1.875"
2) Approx. 2"
3) Approx. 1.875"
4) Approx. 1.875"

*Necklaces are measured from the bottom of the chain where the pendant hooks on (pendant not included in measurement) to the end of the chain where the necklace clasps*

Why we love this:   This Artisan Necklace is lovingly made by hand for you.   Since our Artists' process is to create jewelry right here in our studio in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, this signature piece is one-of-a-kind.