Mosasaurus Jaw Fossil with Real Bone




This Mosasaurus fossil cast is made of real bone consisting of teeth, jaw, and other bone. It belongs to the undisputed Emperors of the Cretaceous Seas. The Mosasaur were a family of enormous serpentine marine reptiles. Growing up to 60 feet in length, they had stocky powerful teeth and snake-like double hinged jaws, enabling it to swallow its prey whole. Mosasaurs were the scourge of all ocean dwelling creatures. Most of these fossils are found in phosphate deposits.

Price is corresponding to size. Small is 15W by 8H inches $240.00, Medium is 20W by 12H inches $1,500.00, Large is 17W by 8H inches 1,600.00, and Extra Large is 27W by 8H inches $2,100.00.

Why We Love This:
This real Mosasaurus jaw fossil is an enormous display piece that is sure to impress any collector or viewer!