Labradorite Touchstone




Have you been seeking a gemstone companion to support you as you bring your visions to life? Then this Intention Setting Labradorite Palm Stone is the perfect offering for you! Labradorite is a gem favorite for any occasion or season, but it really shines when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, visioning, and going after your heart’s desires. Surround yourself and your loved ones in serene, balancing energies with this Labradorite Soothing Stone!

Labradorite is a form of feldspar that gets its flash, or labradorescence, through its very thin and compacted layers. As light travels down into the stone, these layers refract and reflect the colors back to the surface. Labradorite is truly a fascinatingly beautiful mineral. It's a mineral whose charm is not fully noticed and may be overlooked if not viewed from the proper position. Generally a dull, dark looking mineral with no special virtue until the colorful shiller is observed glowing on the surface. Labradorite can produce a colorful play of light across cleavage planes and in sliced sections called labradorescence. The usually intense colors range from the typical blues and violets through greens, yellows and oranges. Some rare specimens display all these colors simultaneously. The color display is from lamellar intergrowths inside the crystal. These intergrowths result from compatible chemistries at high temperatures becoming incompatible at lower temperatures and thus a separating and layering of these two phases. The resulting color effect is caused by a ray of light entering a layer and being refracted back and forth by deeper layers. This refracted ray is slowed by the extra travel through the layers and mixes with other rays to produce a light ray coming out that has a different wavelength than when it went in. The wavelength could correspond to the wavelength of a particular color, such as blue. The effect depends on the thickness and orientation of the layers. Labradorite occurs in igneous rocks and is the feldspar variety most common in basalt and gabbro. It is found in metamorphic amphibolite. Iridescent optical effect comes from silicate streaks, giving a refractive index of 1.5.

Metaphysically, Labradorite is said to Activate the Third Eye Chakra, opening your senses, enhancing your vision, and making it possible to see the world fully as it is around you. Labradorite sharpens your focus, and like The Hermit in the tarot, this gem helps light your path to see your way through challenges. Labradorite brings hope, possibility, and imagination and kindles your inner fire like its brilliant fiery flashes of color that sparkle from its darkness.

Soothing Palm Stones are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone. This action of moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone is thought to produce a calming affect. Palm stones are the perfect pieces to keep close. Their smooth finish makes them easy to transport, and you can keep them on you at any time.

Hold this Intention Setting Labradorite Palm Stone in meditation or ritual to help you bring your heart’s desires to life. However you choose to work with this gem, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Intention Setting Labradorite Palm Stone. Price is corresponding to size. Small is approximately 1 inch in diameter $20.00, Medium is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter $34.00, Large is approximately 2" to 4" inches in diameter. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along and ready for enjoyment.

Why we love these: Labradorite Soothing Stones are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and rubbing your fingers across the stone's smooth surface can promote calm & relaxation. These Labradorite Palm Stones are perfect for keeping in your pocket as an inspirational reminder.