Emerald Tumble Stone




Emerald gemstones were mined in Egypt as early as 330 BC, but some estimate that the oldest emeralds are 2.97 billion years old. Cleopatra is perhaps the most famous historical figure to cherish emerald gemstones. She even claimed ownership of all emerald mines in Egypt during her reign. There are other green gems, like tourmaline and peridot, but emerald is the one that’s always associated with the lushest landscapes and the richest greens. Ireland is the Emerald Isle. Seattle, in the US state of Washington, is the Emerald City. Thailand’s most sacred religious icon is called the Emerald Buddha, even though it’s carved from green jadeite.

These beautiful stones are sold in 1LB bags with varying sizes from 1/2" to 1". And, they are available to purchase individually. 

Why we love these:  Once associated with Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, Emerald Tumbled Stones are classic stones of romance and the perfect gift for that special person in your life!