Break at Home Geode SIZE SMALL



Whether your are searching for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift or simply adding another crystal to their collection, you can’t go wrong with our ‘Break Your Own’ geodes. Simply wrap the geode in a piece of cloth and gently tap it with a hammer to reveal the shimmering unique crystals inside. These authentic geodes have a crystalline structure composed of sparkling quartz & calcite in the center.

Geodes are naturally occurring pockets of hidden crystals found in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. In ancient times geodes were auctioned off and only cracked after they were purchased. The inside can be lined with many different types of crystals; the most common being Amethyst, Quartz, and Chalcedony. Depending on the type of crystal inclusion, geodes can have many different attributes and assist in a variety of situations.

Rough, unpolished crystals are as close as you can come to encountering crystals in their natural form. Some believe that these more natural and unworked stones produce a greater amount of energy. The broken fragments are suitable for jewelry and craft making and also to use as display objects in your home. Place these types of crystal specimens in a room to promote positive energy and balance.

These are great for store displays, science experiments and classroom projects and are just right for the new rock collector starting their specimen collection since each geode is so unique!

This listing is for 1 (one) SIZE SMALL Break at Home Geode.

Why we love this: These One-of-a-Kind Break at Home Geodes have never been opened before...they are waiting for you to discover what is inside each one. Each easy to break geode has a crystal surprise inside that you will be the first to see!