Amethyst Keychain



Place this glittering Amethyst Keychain in your car so it can attractive positive energy while also clearing out any negative energy.

When you begin to explore the wide world of crystals, the most popular crystal to start with is Amethyst! Its soothing and dreamlike purple colors reflect its natural abilities to relieve stress. An Amethyst crystal is also helpful for replacing anxiety with peaceful high vibrations. It takes things a step further into dreamland: Amethyst sharpens your intuition by opening your third eye. This helps your spiritual growth and lets you access higher realms. It's an absolute must for any crystal collection.

Amethyst is a naturally-occurring macrocrystalline (meaning large crystal formations) variety of quartz that usually grows on the inside of agate geodes. Geodes containing amethyst crystals are formed when clay, silt, sand or gravel are deposited and compacted by running water. While the crystals themselves may grow to be several inches, the geodes containing the amethyst crystals often reach several feet in height. Some of the largest amethyst geodes have been found in Brazil. Other locations where amethyst is mined include Sri Lanka, India, Uruguay, Madagascar, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Africa, Russia and the United States.

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is one of our most popular gemstone materials. Amethyst forms in long, prismatic crystals in geodes or hallow rocks. These geodes form when there are cavities in volcanic rock. As the rock cools, the mineral-saturated water, gases and volcanic material distill and crystallize. When these crystals harden, they form amethyst. Although generally more of a deeper purple, the stone can also have a reddish-purple tinge, or a very pale purple tinge that fades into a lilac.

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