Amazonite Touchstone




This smooth Amazonite Soothing Palm Stone is polished to perfection!

If you have something to say, go ahead and say it with this Speak Your Truth Amazonite Palm Stone! Amazonite is a form of feldspar that earned its moniker after a large deposit of the stone was found near the Amazon River in Brazil. This stone radiates such sweet, freeing energy. Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional blockages. Work with this offering as a reminder that truth matters and your words are important — and then speak your truth strongly and with assurance.

Amazonite is said to open the door to heartfelt sharing and encourages speaking your truth with clarity, ease, and confidence.

Amazonite is said to heal unhealthy communication patterns and assists you in having difficult conversations with ease.
Absorbs and transmutes geomagnetic pollution — the energies from devices like your phone and computer that are so unhealthy for you to receive and absorb day in and day out.

Soothing Palm stones are the perfect pieces to keep close. Their smooth finish makes them easy to transport, and you can keep them on you at any time. Hold this Speak Your Truth Amazonite Palm Stone in meditation to open your Throat Chakra, or put it in your pocket when you leave the house to call on its empowering, truth-telling energy when you’re out and about. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well.

Amazonite is a gemstone variety of green microcline, a feldspar mineral. It is named after the Amazon river in Brazil. Surprisingly, no deposits of it have been found there. The name may refer to the variable green shades of the rainforest along the big river that are reflected in the gemstone.

Stone country of origin: India
Chakra association: Throat
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Metaphysical properties: Truth-telling, clear speech, communication

We offer these Soothing Palm Stones in 3 sizes. Size Range approximately 1" to 2.5-3.5”

This listing is for one (1) Speak Your Truth Amazonite Soothing Palm Stone.

Why we love these: Amazonite Soothing Stones are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Rubbing your fingers across the stone's smooth surface can promote calming relaxation. We love using Amazonite with our self-care routine, such as; meditation, journaling or intention setting. They can be used with home decor displays indoors or outdoors!