White Howlite Sphere




These unique White Howlite Spheres are the perfect mediation tool. Howlite is said to help calm the mind and reduces stress. It helps strengthen your ability to learn. This smooth, polished sphere makes a nice display in any office or home as a unique, chic urban treasure. 

Howlite is said to gently transmit Spirit energy throughout the body, helping you let go of negative energy and bring peace to your mind, body, and soul. This gorgeous piece has been carved into a sphere, symbolizing Divine Love and imbuing this piece with properties of kindness, emotional connection, and compassion. Work with this offering to remind yourself of your innate strength that can see you through any situation calmly and gracefully.

With the ability to powerfully open and activate the Crown Chakra, howlite encourages a more profound sense of spiritual connection and wisdom. Howlite aligns this energetic center, creating a direct channel between you and your intuition – and the result is a strengthened spirit and pure, radiant peace. Working with howlite will ease your pain, worries, fears, and doubts. By inspiring calm and tactful communication while expanding your consciousness, howlite leads you down the road to true progress. This wonderful stone even calls in partnerships, alliances, and friendships to support you along the way.

Perhaps one of the simplest and most perfect of all forms, the sphere is an expression of unity, completeness, integrity, and equality. It’s the most profound and sacred symbol in the universe and contains all the wisdom of creation. It is from the sphere that the other shapes are organized. With the sphere, we are reminded that everything fits together in perfect proportions, and it is the portal that opens you to the workings of nature. One of the best examples of a sphere is Earth, along with all the other planets. Cells and seeds are also spheres.

Hold this Strength of Spirit Howlite Heart in meditation, or place it on your altar to fill your entire space with its soothing and supportive magic. However you choose to work with yours, know that you can find peace even during challenging times.

This listing is for one (1) White Howlite Sphere. These beautiful 50mm White Howlite Spheres are white in color with veins of black or gray. Approximately 2″ in diameter.

Why We Love This: 

We love spheres because they radiate energy in all directions – above, below, and toward all four sacred directions. Wherever you place yours, it will fill that entire space with its energy.