Organic Lavender Tea



This TRUE NATURE Organic Lavender Tea is loose leaf is home grown and dried to perfection.

We grow our own fresh, organic high-altitude culinary lavender right here on the Homestead. And, our Lavender Tea's subtle, calming essence brings benefits that can help support a healthy body and mind.

What does our TRUE NATURE Lavender Tea taste like?

The first thing you’ll want to do when fixing your perfect cup of calming Lavender Tea is this: inhale. And then, inhale again. The subtle scent, reminiscent of a bike ride through Provence, begins your experience with this calming tea.

How to make Lavender Tea?

Heat the water to boil. Pour water over your loose leaf tea diffuser. Usually we like to cover our mugs while steeping, but this Lavender Tea experience begins with the aroma, so to enjoy and benefit from your Lavender Tea, sit with your cup and inhale. Allow the soothing scent to rises up and meet your senses. Steep 3-8 minutes.

Package size = 1 cup of dried loose leaf tea (makes 5 quarts)


Though some teas containing lavender overwhelm the tea with floral, TRUE NATURE Lavender Tea brings in an element of earthiness most teas don’t. If you like the scent of lavender, you’re going to love this tea, and will want to keep it stocked from now on.

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