1. Drink a calming cup of lavender tea before bedtime to promote sleep and relaxation.
  2. Use culinary lavender in a new recipe or add it to a favorite recipe.
  3. Soak in a bathtub filled with aromatic lavender bath salts and light a fragrant lavender candle.
  4. In a glass of lemonade on warm spring and hot summer days.
  5. Use Herbs de Provence dried spice mix with lavender or Lavender Vanilla Extract to add a touch of France to your next meal.
  6. Burn lavender smudge sticks and dried lavender bundles to remove unwanted energy in your space.
  7. Scented lavender massage oil can be used during your next massage or back rub and for pain relief try Lavender and CBD infused massage oil.
  8. Use lavender infused salve for dry skin and it will leave your skin feeling and smelling wonderful.
  9. As a lavender sachet to tuck between sheets, beckoning for bedtime, and between clothes, welcoming you and ready for a new day of adventures.
  10. As a floral bouquet bundle in a vase placed on a table or blanket, prepared for an outdoor picnic.
  11. Plant it in your garden and enjoy seeing bees visit the lavender.
  12. Wear Aromatherapy Jewelry infused with lavender essential oils.
  13. Lavender and CBD pain relief salve can be used topically to decrease pain in aching joints and muscles.
  14. Sprinkle lavender on top of glazing on cookies and icing on cupcakes.
  15. Add lavender to homemade ice cream and enjoy a sweet summer treat.
  16. Use lavender essential oil to instill calmness and relaxation throughout the day.
  17. Fall asleep to the scent of lavender with a diffuser in your bedroom.
  18. Try a relaxing Lavender Moon Milk recipe before bedtime!
  19. Learn how to make jam or jelly with lavender added to it.
  20. Lavender makes a lovely addition to soap, bath bombs, and shampoo.
  21. Share your lavender by mailing lavender tea, a lavender sachet, lavender candle or another lavender gift to friends and loved ones.
  22. Host a lavender-themed party where you will enjoy all things lavender:  decorations, snacks, drinks and flowers.
  23. Add lavender essential oil, witch hazel, and distilled water to a spray bottle, and spray it in the rooms in your home to give the spaces a fresh and relaxing scent.
  24. Create lavender potpourri.
  25. Make Ice Cream Floats using lavender.
  26. Take the time to travel to faraway lavender farms by looking at photos online.
  27. Go on a road trip for the day and visit a lavender farm in your area.  Enjoy the sights, scents, and items to be found and delighted in at lavender farms.
  28. Read a book on growing lavender or how to make items using lavender.
  29. Sign up for and take a class to learn more about lavender and its uses, and how to make your favorite item - hand salve, herbal tea, aromatic sachet - with lavender in it.
  30. Add lavender and other flowers to Flavored Ice Cubes.
  31. Celebrate with your love of lavender by writing a story about, or drawing or painting a scene with lavender.
  32. In a cup of tea, either on its own or combined with chamomile, peppermint, or both.
  33. Light up a lavender scented candle and put lavender scent into a reed diffuser to make your home smell amazing!

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March 11, 2023 — True Nature Homestead