Lavender Sachet




Lavender Sachet Bag. Filled with Premium Grade, Homegrown, Organic, Dried Lavender.

Suggested Uses: Sachets for Drawers and Closets, Bridal Shower Favors, Home Fragrance Products, Craft Projects & Closet Freshener.

Our organic lavender is home grown in Black Forest, Colorado.

Premium Grade, Homegrown, Organic Lavender. Our lavender sachets are fully filled with fresh premium grade lavender flowers that are really fragrant. It's super convenient to use these lavender sachets. Place them in pantry, kitchen cupboards, jewelry boxes, drawers and closets, shoe cabinets, living rooms, bathrooms or anywhere you like in your sweet home, then you're ready to savor the uplifting fragrance of lavender.

Strong Fragrance, Perfect for Wedding Toss. It's an old tradition to throw rice at brides and groom to wish them fertility and good luck. Nowadays brides like to use lavender buds to replace traditional wedding rice. Provide all guests with lavender sachets, have them toss the buds up into the air when you walk by. When lavender buds are crushed by the feet of guests, they continuously release fragrance into air to sweeten your wedding.

Relaxing & Soothing.Lavender has long been known for its soothing and sedative properties. It can relieve your stress, alleviate your anxiety, ease your nerves. Put some lavender sachets into your side

To Deodorize & To Scent, Ideal for Clothes Storage. Lavender is frequently used to deodorize as it has a strong refreshing fragrance.Tuck some lavender sachets into your drawers or tie a lavender sachet to each clothes hanger in your closets to protect your off season clothes. Lavender sachets keep your clothing smelling fresh and away from the damages committed by little annoying dwellers in wardrobe closets.

Perfect for Various Lavender DIY Projects. If you are a DIY expert, you will find dried lavender buds are indispensable ingredients for various DIY projects such as lavender soap making, lavender candle making, lavender bath salts, lavender body lotion, lavender linen spray, lavender potpourri, lavender sachets. Savor the pleasing fragrance of lavender buds as well as the sense of achievement when you complete your DIY projects!

Why we love them: We love the highly aromatic scent of these dried lavender sachets.

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