Rose Quartz Specimens (Bulk)



Organic. Unique. Collectible.

Raw Rose Quartz Chunks: These unique pieces of rose quartz are a simple yet beautiful addition to an ever-growing crystal collection and are a great way to brighten up the room!


approximately 2-3 Inches

Offered in 1/4lb, 1/2lb, and 1lb bags.

Rose Quartz is believed to activate the heart (fourth) chakra and promote positive energy. It enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. This tiny but mighty baby-pink wonder raises self esteem, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance, and releases stress/tension/anger.

Rose quartz came to be known as the stone of love and reconciliation from the Greek myth about Aphrodite and Adonis. Their blood was commingled when Aphrodite was cut by a thorn bush while saving Adonis from an attack by Ares (disguised as a wild boar). Their blood stained white quartz to make it a rose-pink color. Later, it became customary for the Romans to use the stone as a gift of love.
Why we love this:  You can make a mystical love spray with rose quartz: First, clean your rose quartz crystal using sage, sunlight, moonlight, or salt water as mentioned above. Place your rose quartz in a glass bowl of filtered water, in direct sunlight from sunup to sundown. Then, pour the crystal-charged water into a glass mister bottle, and add 22 drops of argan oil (jojoba and almond oil also work well), and 11 drops of rose oil. Give it a shake, and mist yourself whenever you feel like you need a little pick-me-up in the love department. In addition to the positive vibes of rose quartz, you’ll also benefit from the rose oil, which is super good for your skin.