Onyx Serving Bowl



These delicately carved Onyx Gemstone Altar Bowls are made from beautiful golden Onyx and crafted just for True Nature. Each bowl is completely unique, featuring a round shape carved from onyx – perfect for holding your gems, jewelry, and other items for display. Onyx gemstone is calming, healing, and protective, and this bowl will infuse your belongings and tools with its soothing essence.

Onyx was used in Egypt as early as the Second Dynasty to make bowls and other pottery items. Onyx is mentioned in the Bible many times. Sardonyx (onyx in which white layers alternate with sard - a brownish color) is mentioned in the Bible as well. It has a long history of use for hardstone carvings and jewelry, where it is usually cut as a cabochon or into beads. It has also been used for intaglio engraving of patterns depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief.

Place your Handcarved Onyx Altar Bowl on your altar, mantel or shelf to store your favorite gems, jewelry, and other magical belongings within its healing presence. However you choose to work with this bowl, may it bring you more beauty, stability, and serenity.

This listing is for one (1) Handcarved Onyx Altar Bowl (about 4.0″ to 5.0″ across and about 1.0″ to 1.25″ deep).
Each one is unique and yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for enjoyment.

Why we love this: We love using these Onyx Altar Bowls with our self-care routine, such as; meditation, journaling or intention setting. They can be used with home decor displays indoors or outdoors!