Enchodus Fossilized Tooth




Enchodus, with its streamlined form and massive sharp teeth, was a fierce archaic fish that struck its prey with lightning-quick strikes, and the fact that 99% of all living organisms that die rot away completely, leaving nothing behind to be preserved as fossils, only adds to the splendor of this beautiful collectible for you to care for and display.

Enchodus species were tiny to medium-sized fish with huge "fangs" at the front of the upper and lower jaws and on the palatine bones, earning it the moniker "saber-toothed herring." E. petrosus is the most well-known species, with fangs measuring more than 6 centimeters (2.4 in) in length. Some species were far smaller. Enchodus remains are frequently discovered in the stomach contents of larger predators like sharks, other bony fish, mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and seabirds.

The teeth are available in a range of diameters beginning at 0.5′′ and are supplied in packs of ten or individually.

Scientists authenticated via certified verification. Scientists suggest that just one-tenth of one percent of all animal species that have ever existed have become fossils. Significantly fewer of them have been discovered. 

Why we love this : We love this fossilized specimen because it adds rare variety and prestige to any caretaker's fossil collection esthetics.