Selenite Lamp



Illuminate your space with tranquil vibrations with this Glowing Selenite Table Lamp, custom-made just for True Nature. This beautiful hand-carved piece is made of soft, white selenite gemstone. It’s designed to be placed on a table or shelf and comes equipped with a white electrical cable for easy switching to off and on.

Selenite is all about Source connection and promotes balance, peace, clarity, unity, spiritual evolution, and detoxification. Selenite is a peaceful Crown Chakra stone that radiates pure white light and Divine energy. It brings clarity and joy, purifies spaces, and raises vibrations. Place this tranquil lamp in your space to uplift surrounding energies and extend serenity, light, and gentle healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

Selenite is considered a high-energy crystal that vibrates at a high frequency. Despite being an incredibly soft stone, selenite gemstones are believed to be a stone of protection that wards the mind. It is commonly used by crystal practitioners as a way to cleanse the body, mind and spirit of self-limitation--as well as cleansing other gemstones being used in healing practices.

The Greeks named selenite after the moon goddess Selene, who was said to hold the power to awaken intuition and bring forth vivid dreams.

* Promotes clarity, joy, beauty, and higher realm connection. It also magnifies wealth and influence.
* Especially powerful under the full moon and holds a vibration of ceremony and wisdom.
* Helps you fall and stay asleep, bringing peaceful sleep.

Selenite is delicate but it is quite strong, which makes it similar to us as spiritual beings, tender and yet strong in our own ways

Place this Luminous Selenite Lamp anywhere in your home to fill your space with serene and comforting vibrations. Let it remind you of the divine presence that always surrounds and holds you. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well.

This listing is for one (1) Selenite Lamp with an electrical cable (about 42”) and a tear-drop shaped bulb. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled.

Price is corresponding to size. Small is 7.5 inches tall $59.00, Medium is 11.5 inches tall $69.00, and Large is 15 inches tall $99.00.

Why We Love This:
This lamp has a soft calming light that looks sophisticated and modern in the living room or on your desk!