Crinoid Fossil




Over 400 Million Years Old! 

Unlock the secrets of the deep ocean and add a touch of ancient mystery to your collection with this verified Crinoid Fossil! Capturing the awe of long-lost history, this primordial piece will enliven any gathering and bring a little prehistoric pizzazz to your trove of treasures. Take a journey back to the beginnings of time and uncover the unparalleled mystery of this beguiling fossil.

Did you know that crinoids, also known as "sea lilies," have gorgeous feather-like limbs? They are closely related to sea stars and sea urchins and create a diverse and secure environment for many different living things. Although they may look like plants, crinoids are actually marine creatures belonging to the class Crinoidea and phylum Echinodermata. They are an ancient fossil group, appearing in mid-Cambrian seas more than 300 million years before the age of dinosaurs. Crinoids thrived during the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic eras and some still exist today.

Bring history to life with this stunningly preserved Crinoid Fossil! Perfect for fossil caretakers, this impressive specimen features intricate details that harken back millions of years. This ancient fossil is sure to captivate for many years to come. Get your piece of history today!

This Crinoid Fossil has been authentically certified, making it an incredibly rare find for fossil caretakers. Scientific studies suggest that only 0.1% of all living species have become fossils and even fewer have been discovered. Invest in this captivating artifact for a meaningful addition to your collection.

This listing is for 1 (one) Crinoid Fossil.  Price is corresponding to size. Small is about 9" x 7" $250.00, Medium is about 10" x 13"  $350.00, Large is approximately 11" x 9" $400, and Extra Large is about 18" x 20" $1,000.00.

Why we love this: The past is brought alive with our amazing Crinoid Fossil! Whether you're a fossil aficionado or just want to make a splash in your collection, this one-of-a-kind piece will help you stand out and make a statement. Capturing the aquatic charm of this ancient sea creature, it'll add unique character and an unforgettable touch of 'awe-qua' to your display!