Lavender Fluorite Point



Limited lot so there is a very limited number of pieces within each price range.

A stunning piece of Lavender Fluorite! This unique crystal is found on the border of Brazil and Argentina and offers the most stunning shades of lavender and mint green! This particular variety of fluorite will aid in both spiritual and psychic growth. Also called Yttrium (rare metal element) fluorite, this is a high vibration stone with amazing energy. These gorgeous, polished points have the most calming pastel colors from Argentina. These feature really beautiful translucency–especially in the sun! There are varying shades of soft lilac, and light grey/clear. Some even contain white calcite inclusions! 

Heights range from 2″ for the low end to about 5″ for the higher end but these are priced by weight.

 Why We Love This:

This mineral would look great in a kitchen or bathroom window to catch the sun and energize your day.

***As a product of nature, shape size and color will vary between pieces***