Inspirational Word Stone




Inspirational word stones are one of the best ways to gain clarity with your thoughts around a power word that can change your focus and intention. The beauty and simplicity of inspirational word stones is that they remind us to think about positive thoughts everyday.

 Our Word Stones are genuine gemstones engraved with a vast variety of words to choose from.  Approximate size is 1 1/2 inches. These stones are a great little reminder to keep in your pocket during the day, or give these as gifts of daily words of encouragement!

Word Stone selection is offered in the color represented in the photos.  If you have a specific color of gemstone in mind, please send us a private message with your order so we can do our best to accommodate your preference.  Otherwise, it will be a random selection of colors.

Why we love them:  We use these to set an intention that we want to invite into our focusing on this daily, these hopes, dreams & wishes begin to appear in our lives and the word stones help to remind us of what is important.