Agate Geode on Metal Stand




Agate Geodes are formed in volcanic lava which contain gas bubbles that fill with water and turn to quartz. The natural color of agate varies from gray to reddish brown. These gorgeous, polished Geodes are displayed on a black metal stand.

Price is corresponding to size. Small is approximately 6 by 3 inches $23.00, Medium is

approximately 8 by 3.5 inches $60.00, Large is 

approximately 11 by 5 inches $120.00, Extra Large is

approximately 13 by 6.5 inches $200.00.

Various types of agate gemstones have been valued throughout history, all the way back to the Neolithic Era. It is believed these stones were originally used as amulets for healing. Agates were used as healing stones in Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations as well. 

Agates have a deep connection to the Earth and home and come in a dazzling array of varieties, and they’re found in the collection of most rockhounds. They’re beautiful, readily found, and extremely durable.

For the agate collector, there’s a bewildering array of stones available. A comprehensive list is almost impossible, especially since some of the most stunning agates are only known by the name of their location.

Why We Love This:
These agate geodes all come on a metal stand for easy display, and look incredibly modern on a bookshelf or in the living room!