Pikes Peak is one of the prime areas for rock collecting in Colorado, and one of the few that’s also famous outside of the state. There have been books written just on the unique geology of the area, and the amazing minerals that can be found in the mountains here.

Figuratively, we see Colorado’s mountains as a collective treasure trove for all of the rewarding experiences they afford! The landscape is a treasure trove in a literal sense too.  The Pikes Peak Region can certainly be considered a rockhound and gem hunter’s dream. The vast mountains of public lands, while daunting to some, illicit a newfound sense of exploration and discovery for others. Rich Smoky Quartz is often found alongside Pikes Peak Jade Amazonite in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado, making it a popular destination spot for many rockhounds.

Smoky Quartz is grey-to-brown colored quartz, often with high clarity. Prevalent in The Pikes Peak area, it’s certainly a popular gemstone and many of the formations that come out of the area are very impressive.  Smoky Quartz even occurs right alongside Amazonite here, leading to dramatic specimens that bear the full colors of both. 

Spark captivating conversations with an original Smoky Quartz from America's Mountain, Pikes Peak! These Crystalline Clusters of Rich Smoky Quartz will fill your space with beauty and pure Earth energy. This Smoky Quartz formed around 1.8 Billion years ago as water-rich pockets when a huge magma chamber cooled and grew crystals.


True Nature Smoky Quartz Crystals are hand-dug with love from the Pikes Peak Region and gently cleaned and prepared at our True Nature Studio located in the Pikes Peak Region. These 1.8 Billion year old crystals radiate raw, natural beauty! They’re not polished, cut or color enhanced in any way. Our Colorado diggers, extract these clusters with only hand tools, and our True Nature curators hand-selected each one for its unique look and feel.

Ancient minerals in surrounding soils interact with Aluminum in the crystal lattice to transform these quartz crystals into smoldering smokies...naturally. Smoky quartz is mainly found in quartz veins and pegmatite dikes that cut across igneous and metamorphic rocks. Well-formed crystals are often found in cavities of igneous and metamorphic rocks along the margins of a pegmatite. Smoky quartz formed at lower temperatures is sometimes found in fractures of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks with no known igneous association.

Bring Smoky Quartz into your home and life, and remember to stay grounded and keep your mindset positive. In the same manner they absorb surrounding minerals, these smoky crystals are said to transmute negative energy into positive. Meditate with these Smoky Quartz Clusters to feel grounded and supported while transmuting negative vibes. Put it in your pocket to feel protected wherever you roam. You can also have the Smaller sizes wire wrapped to wear as crystal jewelry. Our Jewelry Artists in the True Nature Studio use locally sourced gems in many of their Handmade Artisan Jewelry designs.  However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well.

Here in the Pikes Peak Region our company, True Nature, was founded and we feel fortunate to be able to enjoy the splendor of The Pikes Peak Mountain from our work studio each day. We love that we are able to be intimately involved in curating some of the locally sourced gemstones that are commonly found right here in our own backyard in the Colorado Rocky Mountains! The popularity of our Smoky Quartz Crystals is due not only to its gorgeous look, but also because we are able to locally-source this crystal and offer it at an affordable price.



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Pictured Below is a Smoky Quartz Necklace that was created in our True Nature Studio in the Pikes Peak Region.

July 30, 2023 — True Nature Homestead