Chevron Amethyst Sphere




These Polished Chevron Amethyst Spheres are our newest addition to the Amethyst and Spheres line of products. 

Chevron Amethyst has been described as a rare, yet extremely sought after and popular crystal. Also known as the Dog Tooth Amethyst, or the Banded Amethyst, there have been many different meanings ascribed to this crystal.

The name Chevron Amethyst originates from the fact that there are many V’s in the crystal. The V, as described above, comes from the quarts and amethyst binding which make up the stone. The origins of chevron amethyst are locations such as Brazil, Russia, and India.

Small is approximately 1.5″ diameter
Medium is approximately 2.0″ diameter
Large is approximately 2.5″ diameter

Why we love these:  These polished specimen are beautifully patterned and would make the perfect gift display!