Clear Quartz (Bulk)




This is yet another addition to our growing Bulk Minerals collection. The Brazilian Bulk Rough Clear Quartz stones are an average size of 0.5″ and are sold in 10-pound bags. 

Most clear quartz forms in igneous rocks or in geothermal water settings. It develops in these rocks as magma cools. Once cooled, silicon dioxide will crystallize, much as water does. The cooling process is slow, which allows the crystals to grow larger in size. Quartz that forms in silica-rich water follows a similar pattern. Silicon dioxide dissolves in water like sugar dissolves in tea, but only at extremely high temperatures and pressures. When the temperature or pressure of the solution falls below a certain point, the solution becomes saturated, and quartz crystals are able to form.

Why we love these:  These stones have a multitude of uses for which they could be optimized! For collections, crafts, or decor, these stones are perfect!